Why The Guilde?

The idea for The Guilde was born on a trip to Paris, where the scale is so large that everything feels possible and the values of beauty, self-expression and a cultivated life are obvious organizing principles for deep satisfaction, joy and success. In Paris, it wasn’t far-fetched to imagine a brick-and-mortar membership community built by and for women to reflect women’s intelligence and ideals and dedicated to proliferating women’s unique contributions to this earth. In Paris we could imagine a world crafted and hewn by the 21st century female counterparts to Mozart, The Beatles, The Wright Brothers, Le Corbusier, Steve Jobs . . . .

The Guilde was also born from our experience as TEDxWomen producers, gathering women together to celebrate female-inspired innovation, progress and leadership. What we learned through these events is that women, indeed, are sitting atop a vast heap of under-developed gold. We also learned that when women join together in the spirit of generosity, inclusivity and mutual elevation, we bust through the limitations of the created world. 

The Guilde is our answer to a call we felt for more, positive and decidedly supportive female community and communion. More of the riches women alone have to offer at the start of this century. More connection, more creativity and the synergy and success for all that follows.

The Guilde is our love letter to women and prayer for a future that reflects the genius and spirit of women. For our 21st century works of greatness to come into being, we need a room of our own. A space designed by and for women to reflect our strengths, leverage our collective resources, offer flexibility and freedom and ground/surround us in what’s possible, every day.