The Academie

Programming is one of the central pillars of The Guilde. Our regular calendar of events, workshops and gatherings fall into four key categories: business development, cultural development, activism & networking/community building. Below is a sampling of workshops/events we offer to our members on a weekly basis.


The Collective Workshop/Mondays

Workshop your project/work in the company of brilliant women. Identify your goals, define next steps, be held accountable, and find the resources, contacts and inspiration you need to move forward.

Develop Your Business/Wednesdays

Get professional counsel from visiting experts across a variety of fields, including branding, marketing, business development, finance, public relations, start-up development, funding, law, and more.

Guilde Gatherings/Thursdays

Gather with Guilde members to connect, learn, play, and relax. Every Thursday evening is built around a different programming pillar: business development, cultural development, activism or community building. Spark great conversation, create meaningful connections and expand your mind/heart in the company of brilliant, warm, generous Guilde members.

Collective Conversations/Tuesdays

Lively conversations with culture-makers, creatives and entrepreneurs that will get you thinking outside your box, add to your mental toolkit, and give you concrete skills to grow your work and life.