About Allison

I am a full-time mom to my almost four year old son, Nate, and seven year old dog, Bear.  As my family caretaker I spend my days meeting the needs of my son, cooking meals, managing the household, and juggling schedules. I frequently volunteers at my son’s school and serve on the Board of the YPO BH Chapter as Spouse Chair and Spouse Forum Chair.

I am also in the process of figuring out my next career. So I keep busy on several side projects that range from writing, real estate, activism, charity, and podcast development. In my free time I enjoy reading, podcasts, pilates, paddle tennis, bocce, skiing, scuba diving and Mah Jongg. I have a BS in Communications from Boston University and before I became a full-time mom I worked as Chief of Staff of International Medical Corps (a disaster relief non profit organization), the Director of Operations of Raconteur (a boutique PR firm), and was an actress for 15 years.


Participate whenever possible!
— Allison's Words of Wisdom

How are you hoping to grow personally and professionally over the next year?

I am really hoping to hone in my next career.

What would surprise people most about you?

People are usually surprised that I was an actress for so long.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you have never done before?

Learn another language.

Where do you hope to see women in 50 years?

I hope that women will have achieve equal political and corporate power so we can bring more compassion into the world.

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As a mentor I can offer: An active ear for listening, and advice from by years of work and life experience.

As a mentee I am looking for: A role model

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