About Kelly

Kelly Carlin is an author (Lewis Black called her memoir, "Honest, biting, savage, funny, sad, dark, and profound"), solo show artist, SiriusXM radio/podcast host and personal development workshop leader.

She loves tackling the big questions and revealing unmined perspectives that open minds and hearts. Her masters in Psychology w/ emphasis in Jungian psychology & 20+ years as a Buddhist practitioner informs her work in every modality.

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.
— Rumi

How are you hoping to grow personally and professionally over the next year?

I hope to grow my audience by creating lots of content in multiple modalities.

What would surprise people most about you?

I'm addicted to the Weather Channel.

Tell us about one or more women you admire (could be a relative, a friend, a mentor, a cultural heroine):

Georgia O'Keeffe - the vision and courage to go to the desert to paint what she wanted inspires me daily to remember to please myself as I express myself.

Where do you hope to see women in 50 years?

Beyond women becoming more empowered, equal, etc., I think for me it's about honoring and integrating values that reflect aspects of humanity that are ignored, looked down upon because they are not seen as fitting into patriarchal thinking. See call it the "feminine."

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As a mentor I can offer: a space for others to know that they deserve to be here on this earth and have something real, true and valuable to offer this human experiment.

As a mentee I am looking for: guidance in branding my work and increasing my audience.

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