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About Kristan

From a young age I’ve been curious about the human capacity to grow past the limits of our imagination. I always had an instinct that more was possible than the world we inherit – from our family, from our culture, from the past.

At heart I’m an explorer, a truth seeker, a rebel and an optimist. These inclinations led me to found a company with my father in my 20’s, become a therapist in my 30’s and create The Guilde with Dana in my 40’s.

The older I get, the more urgent my obsession is with pushing boundaries and creating freedom. My greatest hope for The Guilde is that it becomes a freedom, space and opportunity proliferator for women.

When life seems too hard to bear, you can always get down on your hands and knees, put your forehead to the earth and ask for help.
— Kristan's Words of Wisdom

How are you hoping to grow personally and professionally over the next year?

In my life I’ve tended to be someone who gives a lot away as a means to win love. Through the strength and solidarity I know I’ll be tapping into at The Guilde, I intend to learn a new paradigm of love and success that puts me at the center of my universe. I know that will be game-changing for me personally and professionally!

What in your life to date has given you the biggest sense of fulfillment or satisfaction?

 Having children hands down. I always joke that before I had kids I didn’t know I was a woman. All my ideas of success, happiness and power were fashioned on a male grid. My kids gave me my life as a woman. Suddenly new instincts and intelligence and leadership chops bloomed. I woke up in a way that has been singularly meaningful and rewarding.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you have never done before?

I want to put forth my own creative vision in the world and stand by it long enough for it to thrive and take on a life of its own. I also want to take dance classes.

Where do you hope to see women in 50 years?

I long to see women in more positions of leadership, bringing our values and visions to the world unapologetically and authoritatively. Part of the “unapologetic” part is demanding infrastructure that allows us to participate equally without having to disown our value for family and relationship. Women are some of the hardest, most responsible workers I know. We are capable of having it all and performing at peak levels. Only we can bring about the work and culture shifts that are necessary to support our full participation and leadership. It’s going to take a lot of banding together to create movement in this direction.

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