About Kristen

Native Chicagoan, a city I love dearly, visit regularly and whose stereotypes would probably tell you much about me.

Married 15 years to Scott, a man I love dearly and whom has helped me grow & sharpen my communication skills, tenacity, patience & self reflection through our ever-evolving partnership. Mother to Abby & Eddie and dog Noodles.

My favorite thing to do is 'create ideal scenes' for celebrations and gatherings -- nothing gets my brain whirring or juices flowing quite like it!

Everything happens for a reason
— Kristen's Words of Wisdom

How are you hoping to grow personally and professionally over the next year?

I am in the inquiry of identifying some dreams. This will be done with lightness and gentility, which will allow me to dream big and play rather than getting caught up in details or improbability. Commit to what steps am I happily taking to live in those dreams NOW.

What in your life to date has given you the biggest sense of fulfillment or satisfaction?

 The choices I have made around the raising and education of my children. Navigating the ups and downs of marriage. Choosing | being chosen by the most amazing women.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you have never done before?

Create | launch | maintain a creatively fueled blog & sweet ass Instagram presence for upcoming travel. Connect quickly & effortlessly with strangers to find out what they are up to in life and what I can learn from them.

Where do you hope to see women in 50 years?

In positions of leadership and power. Representing fashion, style, culture in an intelligent and exciting way not relying on sexuality. Comfortable in their bodies | opinions. Using their voices & influence to speak their truth. Standing for and in support of one another. Continuing to create & nurture inclusive communities and societies.

Contact Kristen

As a mentor I can offer: Design opinion | Event planning ideas | Basic Knitting | Recipe & Menu Planning | Imbuing a Love of TJ Maxx.

As a mentee I am looking for: Help creating a blog, setting up a creativity/art practice.

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