The Guilde is founded on the belief that women are sitting on a goldmine of creative, economic and leadership potential that can transform the shape and face of the 21st century. 

It's time for women everywhere to be elevated by communities, spaces and experiences that honor our unique needs, desires, motivations, and timelines as well as create platforms for our success. 



The Guilde's Founders, Dana Childers and Kristan Sargeant, are on a mission to ensure that the 21st century equally reflects female intelligence, ideals, contributions and stories. Their experience as women's leadership consultants and TEDxWomen producers ignited their passion for bringing women together with a focus on women's innovation and leadership. The Guilde is their response to the collective force and magic that coalesce when women share the intention of celebrating and sparking one another's creative power. The Guilde is dedicated to providing ongoing opportunities for women to remember, tap into, co-create and leverage our collective power for good in the world.