The Guilde Story


The TEDxWomen platform gave us the opportunity to create a conversation celebrating female-led innovation, progress and culture-creation.


The dream for The Guilde crystalized in Paris, where the concept of a space built on the values of beauty, self-expression and innovation wasn't far-fetched. It was tangible. 


The Guilde offers a physical home and vibrant community for women to create great work -- and works -- for the 21st century. 


The Guilde Mission

Women are sitting on a goldmine.
A goldmine of creative and economic potential that will change the shape and face of the 21st century.

When we come together in community to support and elevate each other, this gold becomes palpable and accessible. Connections spark, synergies emerge, doors open and opportunities proliferate.

The Guilde is a place where women are free and supported to cultivate our gold.  A room of our own where time, space, tools and tribe provide the foundation for women to generate the work, ideas, business, culture and productivity that will change and grow the way we work and live in the 21st century.



We wanted to create something

We met as young moms and immediately felt a kinetic spark. We wanted to create something, build something, grow something in partnership. We didn’t yet know our work together would be so directly linked to our journey as mothers. In motherhood, we were both discovering unknown or disowned dimensions of our femininity – qualities we had both unwittingly discarded as proud products of 1970’s feminism.

Who knew there was a different kind of leadership strength and intelligence in being women? Eventually this understanding became the foundation of our work together, leading us to produce content focused on celebrating female-driven innovation, progress and leadership. 

We are dedicated to creating platforms and opportunities for women to cultivate their vast creative and economic resources so that the 21st century world equally reflects female intelligence, ideals and contributions.

We wanted to create something, build something, grow something in partnership.
— Dana & Kristan