THURSDAY NIGHT @ THE GUILDE: A Night of Dance with Corey Combs


As Martha Graham says, "nothing is more revealing than movement," and dancing in particular is "discovery, discovery, discovery." Come discover yourself in a night of dance with The Guilde & Corey Combs.

Corey Combs brings years of Personal Training and a lifetime of dance fitness experience to create Carnival Cut, an intensive sculpting, toning and stretching Caribbean Workout for your mind, body and soul.

This workout utilizes basic island grooves in a structured sequence of explosive dance moves. Imagine if Calisthenics and Carnival had a baby . . . Cut would be it's love child. 

This is probably the best workout you’ll ever have, and the most fun, too. Guilde Members and their Guests are welcome.



Date: Thursday, March 29th

Time: 6:00 pm

Location:  Goorus Yoga, 15327 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA


Please RSVP to all Thursday Night Events because seats are limited. Free for members. $25 for non-members. All are welcome! Looking to become a Guilde Member? Apply here.

Thursday Nights @ The Guilde are part of our weekly programming. Keep us on your calendar for Thursdays from 6:00-8:00pm. Locations will change weekly around West LA! 

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Meet Corey

Corey Combs originally from Barbados is a personal trainer, dancer, teacher, and choreographer based out of Los Angeles. He works with private, corporate, and group training. His energy is electric, he makes you want to be around him, want to do more, and smile while you are doing it. 

From his many years as a professional dancer in New York City, he created his very own cardio dance program that he calls Cardio Carnivale and Carnival CUT workouts. They are free flowing, energetic, and incredibly fun dance classes led by Corey and his fun loving personality.