We invite you to bring your friends and daughters to this event. The content will be appropriate and high-impact for all!

We invite you to bring your friends and daughters to this event. The content will be appropriate and high-impact for all!


What is the kernel at the heart of success? What is the engine at the core of lifelong persistence towards one’s goals? What’s the formula to be applied when we hit a “Big Problem” wall? What keeps us going on a Tuesday?

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and celebrating our essence this year is more relevant than ever. Come hear from 6X entrepreneur, transatlantic bridge creator, mother, wife, and philanthropy advisor Cristina Gallegos. Join us for a conversation about keeping the fire burning, inspiring change, boosting parity in the world and in your life while solving really big problems during day to day situations. We have prepared for you a conversation rich with inspiration, practical nuggets to arrive at and “workshop” collectively, as well as a mini-toolbox to take back to your home, your relationships, your career, your philanthropy, or your startup. All we need is the raw input: YOU!


Date: Thursday, March 8th

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location:  2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica 90404

Bergamot Art Center, Building F2

Building Bridges Art Exchange is allowing us to use their beautiful space. The BBAX mission is dedicated to cultivating cultural understanding through the arts. They work to engage local communities and contemporary artists across the globe by facilitating workshops, educational programs, traveling exhibitions, international art exchanges and artist residencies. 

Parking Options:

• On-site parking at Bergamot Art Center, Building F2

If you have any questions about parking or the location please call Kristan @ (310) 613-5778


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About Cristina

Cristina Gallegos is the Founder & CEO of Sky(lark) Strategies and the Director of Programs for the GG Society Fellowship, as well as the former VP of JMC Philanthropic Advisors.

A skilled facilitator and international strategist, Cristina Gallegos brings tactical innovation and management consulting methodologies to changemakers and entrepreneurs. She believes that success is often found at the intersection of vision, practicality and elbow grease, loves the business design process and the challenge of taking early-stage entities to scale. Cristina’s sweet spot sits at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit worlds bridging the gap through psychologic insight and social entrepreneurship.