An original space by and for women.


We are an original space designed by and for women to turn on our innovation, economic power, leadership and joie de vivre in the world. Beyond physical space, we provide concrete tools, unencumbered time and real, inspired community to bring our great works to life and our lives to greatness.



Lively member gatherings, illuminating workshops and conversations with culture-makers, creatives, experts and entrepreneurs. 

The Guilde is a private membership community and shared workspace, set to open its doors in Los Angeles in 2017. 

A conversation that celebrates bold, innovative approaches to work and life and expands the narrative of power, leadership and participation.

Events and workshops that
inspire and ignite innovation.


The Guilde hosts a vibrant calendar of events and workshops that celebrates female innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and activism, as well as delivers concrete tools, skills and mentorship for women to develop their work, interests and joie-de-vivre.




The Guilde is a private community and space for women set to open its doors in Los Angeles in 2017. We are an alliance of women who believe in the collective power of women to pioneer change. Our members are entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, teachers, journalists, activists, mothers (and everything in between) joining forces in service of one another and the world around us.

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Our Founding Members have come together to value ourselves and our contributions in the world; to realize our right to architect a world that better resembles ourselves and our values; and to pool our talents, resources and collective force to create a better world.

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General Membership is now open for women who desire an intentional community to join for support, inspiration, and activation; a community that fosters creativity, professional development, and leadership in the world.